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Web3 Commerce Wallets & Infrastructure company Niftmint, selected to T-Mobile's "T Challenge"

February 21, 2023 | Seattle, WA

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom have selected Niftmint, a Web3 Commerce Wallet and Infrastructure company as one of its 18 finalists out of 500+ applicants for its T Challenge. As stated in the announcement, "the T Challenge, organized by T-Labs and T-Mobile US, enables teams from all over the world to show and discuss their ideas for future Web3

solutions in telecommunication."

The T Challenge is a program T-Mobile has had in place for the last few years to gain ideas and work with early-stage startups as partners. Past T Challenge verticals have included XR, IoT, and 5G innovation.

Over the next several months the finalist will develop solutions for T Mobile that incorporate Web3 and innovative technology, leading to different prizes totaling €600,000 for awards such as "Best

Research/Concept", "Best Innovation", and "Best Solution". Each team will be flown to Bonn, Germany to present their products to a delegation of T Mobile and Deutsche Telekom executives which will take place on May 23rd.

Taban E. Cosmos - VP of Engineering | Jonathan G. Blanco - Founder & CEO

Niftmints proposal for the T Challenge

Niftmint will be presenting a solution for T-Mobile to offer all of its customers NFTs managed and delivered from T-Mobile devices and applications. Niftmint has been working with Brands via its embedded API and Commerce Applications to provide the simplest way for Brands to Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs directly on their site and channels while abstracting cryptocurrency and crypto wallets from the customer experience. Niftmint does this to prevent the friction that can come with forcing a user to acquire cryptocurrency or manage a crypto wallet if they are not familiar with or feel comfortable with the process. With Niftmint, Brands are able to offer NFTs to their customer with the same simplicity that they offer their current product offering.

Connect with Niftmint in Europe

The Niftmint Team will be in Europe throughout the last half of May, including in Bonn from May 21st - 24th. If you would like to connect with the Niftmint team during their time in Europe, please reach out to


About Niftmint

Niftmint makes it simple for Brands to Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs directly on their site while abstracting crypto and crypto-wallets from the Brand and their Customers via our embedded Nifmint Wallet. Niftmint has productized all smart contracts, wallet creations, token deployments, and transfers while providing a user experience native to traditional Commerce.

Want to see Niftmint in action? Watch our Product Demos:
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