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NFTs for Brands presentation at retail commerce and subscription conference, SubSummit

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

On September 22, Niftmint CEO & Founder Jonathan G. Blanco, spoke at SubSummit.

About the Conference

The SubSummit Conference is an annual conference dedicated to the subscription economy for DTC retail and eCommerce brands. This years event was held in Dallas, TX, along with virutally.

NFT Presentation at SubSummit

Niftmint Founder and CEO, Jonathan G. Blanco, recently spoke at the SubSummit Conference to a room full of brands, retailers, and eCommerce professionals about "What is an NFT?", how Brands have gotten involved so far with NFTs, and how Brands can sell NFTs on their channels using Niftmint.

Watch complete NFT for Brands presentation below


About Niftmint

Niftmint integrates with Brands to simply mint, sell, and custody NFTs on their websites or apps without needing to manage cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet. The thought of selling NFTs can be overwhelming for brands due to cryptocurrency, minting, and custody, which why Niftmint handles this all on behalf of the Brand and their customer, allowing the transactions to occur via credit card.

If you are a Brand or partner who like to discuss your NFT strategy and begin selling NFTs, please visit and fill out the Contact Us form.

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