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AppTech Payments partners with Niftmint for Money20/20 Conference NFTs

24 October 2022

Seattle, Washington - Niftmint announced the partnership with AppTech Payments Corp (NASDAQ: APCX) to provide the Niftmint for Conference NFTs solution for AppTech Payments at Money20/20 2023 in Las Vegas, the world's largest global fintech event.

With the Niftmint for Conferences NFT solution, AppTech Payments will be able to mint their own Conference NFTs and allow attendees to claim and view their NFTs directly inside of AppTech's website, without having to own a crypto wallet or actively manage their NFTs.

"AppTech has long been an innovative leader in the payments space, and we're thrilled to be partnering with like-minded organizations that want to continually push the bounds of interconnectivity and seamless engagement," said Jonathan Blanco, CEO of Niftmint. "We think Money 20/20 is one of the best places in the world to showcase the ease of making, claiming, and using NFTs with Niftmint's solutions, and AppTech is the best organization to do it."

Niftmint will be integrating its Niftmint for Conferences NFT solution directly inside of an AppTech digital environment for the launch of its Commerse Platform, and conference attendees will be able to claim these NFTs without having to visit any third-party websites or use any other services. AppTech and Niftmint will provide initial custody of the NFTs for the conference attendees, and will allow all participants to transfer their NFTs over to self-custody should they choose - or leave them in AppTech/Niftmint custody and get to enjoy the giveaway without any additional complexity.

About Niftmint

Niftmint is an eCommerce integration allowing brands to mint, display, sell, and custody NFTs directly in their eCommerce platforms, without needing to send customers to 3rd party marketplaces or introduce crypto workflows. With Niftmint, Brands can treat NFTs as digital inventory, and do what they’ve always been good at – giving their customers what they want. To learn more, visit

About AppTech Payments Corp

AppTech Payments Corp. (NASDAQ: APCX) is an innovative Fintech company with an elite digital platform that powers seamless omni-channel commerce experiences for clients and their customers. To learn more, visit

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