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Harmony Blockchain Funds Niftmint's Blockchain Expansion with $50,000 non-dilutive grant

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

20 September 2022

Seattle, Washington - Niftmint announced the successful receipt of a $30,000 grant from Harmony, the organization developing the Harmony Blockchain. With this grant, Niftmint will be able to bring the Niftmint infrastructure to the Harmony Blockchain, providing its NFT integrations on top of the Harmony Blockchain. Harmony will be following up with an additional $20,000 grant upon the successful deployment of the Niftmint application to a brand’s storefront, utilizing the Harmony Blockchain to make, market, and sell NFTs.

“Harmony has continued to be one of leading entities in Blockchain development, with one of the most robust, active, and impressive communities out there.” said Jonathan Blanco, CEO of Niftmint. “With remarkable transaction volume and near-instantaneous finality, Harmony has been and continues to be one of the cornerstones from which we are excited to build our product on top of. We’re incredibly excited for the combination of technical prowess and communal engagement that building on top of Harmony will bring to Niftmint.”

With this grant, Niftmint is now working on completing its ‘Mint-Sell-Custody-Transfer’ process for NFTs on the Harmony Blockchain. At the completion of this integration, Brands will be able to sell Harmony-based NFTs directly in their ecommerce channels via native integration, without imposing Web3 requirements on the Brands. Consumers will be able to buy, view, and use their NFTs on these Brands environments without having to have wallets, cryptocurrency, or any other Web3 instruments – all on top of the Harmony Blockchain.

In awarding of the grant and providing funding for the completion of two out of the three grant milestones, Harmony has paid special interest to the significant value add to the Harmony community and their partners, as well as overall value add for utility of the Blockchain itself. To view the grant, visit

About Niftmint

Niftmint is an eCommerce integration allowing brands to mint, display, sell, and custody NFTs directly in their eCommerce platforms, without needing to send customers to 3rd party marketplaces or introduce crypto workflows. With Niftmint, Brands can treat NFTs as digital inventory, and do what they’ve always been good at – giving their customers what they want. To learn more, visit

About Harmony

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain, designed as a bridge between scalability and decentralization. Its development went under the motto of “decentralization at scale,” with a focus on data sharing and the creation of fungible and non-fungible assets. Their Mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. To learn more, visit

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