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Niftmint's Demo Day in Miami for a16z TxO

An Unforgettable Presentation by CEO Jonathan G. Blanco

We're thrilled to share some electrifying news from the world of Niftmint! Our CEO, Jonathan G. Blanco, took center stage at the a16z Talent x Opportunity demo day in Miami, delivering an exceptional pitch that captivated the audience. His presentation was not just a showcase of Niftmint's vision but also a testament to our team's hard work and innovative spirit.

Acknowledging Our Supporters and Online Community

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us in Miami and to those who tuned in online. Your support fuels our drive and passion. Special thanks go to our amazing Niftmint team - Erin Lowe, Ridwan Grimes, and Taban Cosmos. Your dedication and talent are the cornerstones of our success.

Exclusive Digital Momentos at Our Demo Day

Exciting news for attendees of our Demo Day – Niftmint offered exclusive Digital Momentos! These unique digital assets embody the innovative spirit of our event and our commitment to the future of digital commerce and tokenization. Those who registered and viewed the live stream were also able to claim the Digital Memento as well.

Each piece is a token of our appreciation and a symbol of the thrilling journey in digital authentication and #tokenization.

Stay Tuned for the Pitch Video

The video of Jonathan's pitch is now available online. We will be sharing it soon, so keep an eye out for this inspiring presentation!

Celebrating Our Fellow Founders

We extend a huge congratulations to our fellow founders who have become alumni of this incredible program. A round of applause for Al A. Principal, Rahh Austin Webster, Samara Fantie, DeShuna Spencer, Horace Flournoy, Dana L. Wilson, MBA, Veronica Peterson, Marvin Jerome Howard, Darrell Thompson, Alina Matson, and William “BAM” Sparks. Your Creative Connection to the Culture is truly inspiring.

Gratitude to Our Supporters and Mentors

We're grateful for the support from Cesar Tinajero, Christian Narvaez, and James Norman. Your presence and encouragement mean the world to us. A special thanks to Laura Lucas and Pao Correa for facilitating such a wonderful connection. Your efforts have been instrumental in our journey. And lastly, a heartfelt acknowledgment to Allison McGuire. Your incredible presentation coaching played a vital role in preparing Jonathan for this momentous occasion.

Join Us on Our Continuing Journey

As we celebrate these milestones, we invite you to stay connected with Niftmint. Follow our journey as we continue to break new ground in the world of Web3 and NFT commerce. Your support and engagement are what drive us forward.

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