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Niftmint Competes in the 2023 T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom TChallenge in Bonn, Germany

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ridwan Grimes (left) codes as Jonathan Blanco details the app to Deutsche Telekom Judges

Niftmint was honored to be one of the 20 companies selected this year to compete in the TChallenge, the six-month long global competition driving innovation in Web3 development with 5G event that honors six companies and their solutions, which demonstrate the powerful potential to reshape how people engage with the internet.

This year's target group called out to ambitious developers, creatives, and researchers from all over the world to show innovative ways to integrate Web3 solutions into telecommunication.

"Welcome to Bonn" collectible NFT

Niftmint is an API first company, which means our APIs embed directly into a Brand or Platform's Infrastructure so #Web3 and #NFTs can be used natively within existing experiences while abstracting #crypto from the user. That means minting, offering/selling, custody, and transferring of NFTs.

The app the Niftmint team created for the TChallenge allows T-Mobile customers to mint their own NFT direct from their T-Mobile Tuesday users app. T-Mobile's Digital Loyalty Collectible gets you access to deals, pricing, events, experiences, and exclusive digital collectibles.

Welcome to Bonn Digital Collectible commemorates your experience in Bonn, Germany for the TChallenge and provides exclusive offers for future TChallenge events.

Niftmint Founder Jonathan G. Blanco presenting our solution to T-Mobile/DK panel of judges

We see a world in which all of us will be using NFTs every single day without even knowing we are using NFTs because every Digital Product in the near future will be made better by utilizing NFT technology. Niftmint CEO/Founder touched on the concept when he pitched Niftmint's T-Mobile Digital Loyalty app to judges and other teams.

T-Mobile's interest in the app coupled with interest from the other participating teams validated that we are building a product and platform that brands and organizations need, want, and searching for.

Jonathan detailing the app to judges

Niftmint was able to make great connections with T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, T-Labs, and all of the other participants that competed in this year's T-Mobile TChallenge. We hope to get our app implemented into T-Mobile and DT in the near future. “#NFTs on DT & T-Mobile Devices”.

Niftmint Team: Jonathan Blanco, Erin Lowe, Fuad Abdella, and Ridwan Grimes

We are so proud of our team who worked diligently every day to keep pushing us forward. Unfortunately Niftmint will go home without a trophy this year but our intangilble victories are numerous. These victories and experiences brought our team even closer as we were tested but still had a great time. We obtained clarity on our immediate next steps for the product and the customers we will be focusing on. We have a renewed confidence in our team, process, and product. Thank you to our CEO, Jonathan Blanco, who led our operation and provided our vision. Thank you to our Operations and Marketing Director, Erin Lowe, for sharing our experiences and our vision with the world, and last but never least, HUGE GRATITUDE to our engineers, Fuad Abdella, Ridwan Grimes, and Taban Cosmos (not pictured) for their countless hours building our product and bringing it to life.

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