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KISS Beauty Partners with Niftmint for First Beauty NFT

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

KISS Beauty Niftmint NFT


In the ever-evolving beauty world, brands continually search for ways to engage their customers in innovative and meaningful ways. KISS Beauty, a globally renowned false hair and nail manufacturer, embraced the exciting world of Web3 with the help of Niftmint. Their journey into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marked a significant milestone in the beauty sector.

The Birth of an Idea

Back in February 2022, KISS Beauty recognized the potential of Web3 and sought the expertise of Niftmint to integrate a Web3 campaign into their forthcoming product releases. After intensive brainstorming sessions with KISS Marketing’s core team, Niftmint crafted the NFT Strategy Playbook for KISS, ensuring a seamless introduction of their Web3 initiative. The playbook encompassed:

  • Preliminary program introductions

  • User interface blueprints

  • Technical prerequisites

  • Extended launch strategies and performance metrics

  • Marketing strategies tailored for both crypto enthusiasts and novices.

Armed with this strategic playbook, the teams dived into the planning and realization of KISS's debut NFT campaign.

Developing the Campaign

While formulating the campaign, Niftmint prioritized:

  1. Safeguarding KISS's esteemed brand reputation.

  2. Designing a campaign that appealed to all, irrespective of their crypto knowledge.

  3. Ensuring that the campaign reflected KISS’s comfort level and vision about cryptocurrency.

For an impactful TikTok influencer marketing drive, KISS partnered with the pioneering creative marketing agency, Movers+Shakers.

Niftmint took command of several campaign components, such as:

  • Designing accurate and appropriate public communication.

  • Offering continuous consultation on crypto-related decisions.

  • Creating the campaign website and managing NFT Smart Contracts.

  • Organizing crypto-focused press releases and PR engagements.

The Launch and Its Impact

Come May 2022, the buzzworthy KISS NFT contest was unveiled, supported by dynamic marketing strategies across various social media platforms. Fans flocked to the dedicated NFT Giveaway website,, where they effortlessly participated without any crypto prerequisites.

The campaign’s success was evident:

  • Over 2 million press release impressions.

  • Thousands of active engagements across social media.

  • An impressive 2,000+ contest entries.

This campaign bolstered KISS’s Masterpiece Collection, particularly the false eyelash segment. Out of the numerous participants, four lucky winners enjoyed an exclusive experience, including a comprehensive introduction to blockchain wallets, NFT transfers, and the perks that came with the NFTs, such as the enviable 'Glam' squad and the entire KISS Masterpiece Lash PR Collection.

A Revolutionary NFT Collection

KISS’s groundbreaking journey into the NFT realm included four unique NFTs, mirroring the styles from their latest Lash Coutre Masterpiece line. The four fortunate winners of the giveaway not only received an NFT each but were also treated to premium beauty experiences, including a glam squad session, exclusive masterclasses, and a gift set featuring the entire Lash Coutre Masterpiece collection.

Annette DeVita-Godstein, the senior vice president of global marketing at KISS, aptly summarized the campaign's innovative spirit, praising KISS’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and valuing their tech-savvy customers.

Acknowledging the Partners

The NFT line’s success can be credited to several partners. Niftmint, an NFT commerce infrastructure firm, offered the required technology for the NFT launch, while Movers+Shakers expertly managed the campaign's digital marketing aspects.

In Conclusion

KISS Beauty’s successful foray into the Web3 space, with the unwavering support of Niftmint, has set a precedent for other brands to reimagine customer engagement. As the lines between technology and beauty blur, it's evident that the future of the beauty industry is not just about looking good but also about innovative, interactive experiences.

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