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The simplest way for Brands to offer Web3 & NFTs on their eComm channels

Problems Brands face when offering NFTs

Brands want to create and sell NFTs, but don’t know how to handle Crypto or how to get started

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Brand Cannibalization
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Burden on Customer
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Turnkey NFT Platform for Brands

Fully integrated suite of NFT products

  • Sell NFTs directly on your website

  • Create "one more sales" for any product

  • Your customer pays with Credit Card

  • Mint NFT at purchase

  • NFT Custody for Brand and Customer

  • Bring customers back to view their NFTs

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Niftmint Solutions and Benefits of NFTs

Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs on your eCommerce store, without forcing crypto on customers

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Increase Revenue
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Brand Awareness
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First Party
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Find Niftmint at Shoptalk and claim your free Web3 Brands NFT

Share the Web3 Brands NFT and earn a second NFT that grants you a free Web3 Commerce Strategy Session

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Want to discuss NFTs & Web3 for your Brand?

We look forward to meeting you!

Meet with Niftmint Founder & CEO
Jonathan G. Blanco

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