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  • What is Niftmint?
    Niftmint is an eCommerce integration allowing brands to mint, display, sell, and custody NFTs directly in their eCommerce platforms, without needing to send customers to 3rd party marketplaces or introduce crypto workflows. With Niftmint, Brands can treat NFTs as digital inventory, and do what they’ve always been good at – giving their customers what they want.
  • How do I install the Niftmint app?
    To install the Niftmint application, visit, and select 'Get This App.' Follow the instructions provided to install the Niftmint application on your BigCommerce storefront.
  • How does Niftmint handle NFTs?
    Niftmint creates custodial wallets for Brands, so that Brand’s don't have to actively manage their wallets and NFTs independently. Customers are able to transfer NFTs from this custodial wallet to their own wallets, should they choose, by following a simple transfer process inside of their store account.
  • What payment methods can I use with Niftmint?
    Niftmint integrates into your existing eCommerce flows, and so whatever payment systems you currently use, Niftmint integrates with. Niftmint doesn't actively handle any fiat or crypto payments and transactions, and so all payment activity takes place in your preset payment flows. Currently, the Niftmint application operates as a flat fee, and so all NFT minting and transfer gas fees are covered by Niftmint so you don’t have to worry about crypto or alternate forms of payment.
  • How do I create & modify an NFT or collection?
    Niftmint provides all the tools you need to make, market, and sell your NFTs. Simply follow the guided user experience on the Niftmint app to make your own NFTs and begin selling them in your store.
  • What file formats can I use to make NFTs? Is there a maximum size?
    Niftmint currently supports .gif, .jpeg, .png, and .svg files for NFTs. Niftmint will soon expand to support .mov, .mp4, .wemb, .glb, and .gltf file formats. The maximum size for any one file is 100mb. It is recommended Brands upload files that are less than 100mb to improve visualization and rendering of the NFTs.
  • Will the NFTs I create with Niftmint be visible on other platforms?
    Yes! The blockchain is an open and visible ledger, allowing for visibility of your NFTs anywhere that basic NFT visualization is added, including but not limited to: Wallets (Metamask, Coinbase, Phantom) Marketplaces (OpenSea, Rarible, MagicEden) Block Explorers (Etherscan, Polygonscan)
  • Can I create multiple collections / NFTs?
    Yes! You can create as many collections and NFTs as you see fit for your Brand!
  • Which blockchains do Niftmint support?
    Currently, Niftmint supports the Polygon, Ethereum, and Harmony blockchains. Niftmint will soon be expanding to additional blockchains, so check back soon and subscribe to our notifications to stay on top of latest developments!
  • Who pays the gas fees on Niftmint?
    We pay the gas fees! They are included in the cost of using the Niftmint app. We take pride in automating yet another feature to save our clients time and money.
  • What crypto wallets can I use with Niftmint?
    Currently, Niftmint only supports Metamask wallets. Niftmint is looking to expand functionality to Coinbase and Phantom wallets in the near future.
  • How to I transfer custody of my NFTs
    NFT Custodial Transfer is currently only supported for Customers that wish to take self custody over their NFTs. Simply visit the 'My NFTs' page on the Brand's website, connect their appropriate wallet via Metamask, and request transfer of their NFTs. Note - once a request to transfer has been initiated, it cannot be undone, and Niftmint will no longer have access to your NFT.
  • What if my wallet is not connecting?
    First verify the correctness of the string of characters used to authenticate to your wallet. Try an email to the address you used, or a low-cost transaction to the wallet you utilized. Quit and restart your browser if the Metamask extension shows issues, and as a last resort, log out of and back into your Metamask before attempting to sign the connection again.
  • How can I contact Niftmint?
    Feel free to reach out to for you all your specific support related questions!
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