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Reward your
Event Attendees with NFTs

Niftmint Conference NFTs allow event organizers to offer NFTs to their attendees, speakers, and guest, providing a digital memento to be used to establish loyalty, rewards, and retention of conference participants.

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Turnkey No-Code NFTs for Conferences

Digital SWAG - Digital Collectibles - Digital Merch

  • Offer NFTs on your Conference Website

  • Gift NFTs to Conference participants

  • Boost revenue with one-more-sales

  • NFT Custody for Host and Attendees

  • Bring Attendees back to view their NFTs

  • Reward Attendees with private access

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Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs from your Site

Setup up your Event NFT page and start minting and claiming in minutes  Niftmint (1080 × 700 px) (1).gif
Customizable Branded Experiences

Your NFTs, your Brand, your Site

Solas Council  Niftmint (1080 × 700 px).gif  Niftmint (1080 × 700 px) (2).gif


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