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Authenticating Products & Experiences 

Use Niftmint APIs for product future-proofing by tokenizing physical and digital goods to boost loyalty, revenue, and authentication, while maintaining an easily consumable customer experience across all channels.

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Mint on demand or mint NFTs from your channels at time of customer's purchase. 


Add NFT products to your inventory and list as "one-more-sale" opportunities.


Customers use their payment method of choice and do not need to use cryptocurrency.


Niftmint manages NFTs purchases by your customer and displays in their account.

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Turnkey NFT Platform for Brands

Fully integrated suite of NFT products

  • Sell NFTs directly on your website

  • Create "one more sales" for any product

  • Your customer pays with Credit Card

  • Mint NFT at purchase

  • NFT Custody for Brand and Customer

  • Bring customers back to view their NFTs

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NFTs build brand equity and loyalty

Stop sending your customers to
Third-Party Marketplaces

You wouldn't send your customers from your Website to Amazon or eBay to buy your products, so why are you sending them to NFT Marketplaces?

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Niftmint - Order Checkout eCommerce - MasterCard Paypal Google Pay.png
Keep your customers on your domain

Increase your cart size with digital "one more sales"

Customers purchase your NFTs with their credit card or preferred payment type, adding new revenue and product lines.

NFT Minting and Custody

For Brands

Mint on demand after NFT is purchased, saving need to hold inventory.

Niftmint custodies NFTs on behalf of Brand. Brands can view all NFTs from their Niftmint dashboard with customer attribution.

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NFT Custody and Brand Retention

For Customers

Customers do not need to handle crypto or a crypto wallet. Niftmint securely stores the NFT and displays in the customer's account bringing them back to your account.

Customers who'd rather store their NFTs can send to their own wallet.


Your Commerce

Innovation Partner

The Niftmint Team have been pioneers in disruptive commerce, empowering and leading Fortune 500 Brands, innovating at the intersection of Web3, AI, and Commerce.

Partner with us for innovation strategy and execution, while using our Niftmint APIs to automate Web3 and AI across your channels.

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