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Introducing Niftmint's BigCommerce Accelerator

A free 2 month program for Brands looking to explore and expand their NFT product offering capabilities

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Niftmint BigCommerce Accelerator

Learn how to Make, Market, and Sell
Your NFTs to Your Customers

  • Lean what NFTs mean for your brand

  • Receive 1:1 weekly coaching & review

  • Develop bespoke product offerings

  • Dedicated customer and technical support

  • Be the first to test new features

  • 60-day free unlimited Niftmint app usage 

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What is the Niftmint BigCommerce Accelerator?

The Niftmint BigCommerce Accelerator is a 2-month program for Brands built on top of BigCommerce. In the Accelerator, Brands will learn how to use the Niftmint app to create NFTs and list them for sale directly in their storefront - all without the heavy-lifting of traditional NFT programs or the Blockchain. Brands will learn more about what NFTs are, what they should be making, and how to best sell it to their customers - all driving deeper consumer engagement and loyalty.

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Who should apply?

Niftmint is looking for Brands that are built on top of BigCommerce, looking to explore NFTs, and grow out their digital product offerings. Ideal brands should be ready to sell $5,000+ per month in digital products by the end of the 2-month accelerator. Space is limited, so be sure to apply early!

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About Niftmint

Turnkey NFT Platform for Brands

Fully integrated suite of NFT products

  • Sell NFTs directly on your website

  • Create "one more sales" for any product

  • Your customer pays with Credit Card

  • Mint NFT at purchase

  • NFT Custody for Brand and Customer

  • Bring customers back to view their NFTs

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NFTs build brand equity and loyalty

Stop sending your customers to
Third-Party Marketplaces

You wouldn't send your customers from your Website to Amazon or eBay to buy your products, so why are you sending them to NFT Marketplaces?

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NFT Minting and Custody

For Brands

Mint on demand after NFT is purchased, saving need to hold inventory.

Niftmint custodies NFTs on behalf of Brand. Brands can view all NFTs from their Niftmint dashboard with customer attribution.

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Keep your customers on your domain

Increase your cart size with digital "one more sales"

Customers purchase your NFTs with their credit card or preferred payment type, adding new revenue and product lines.

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NFT Custody and Brand Retention

For Customers

Customers do not need to handle crypto or a crypto wallet. Niftmint securely stores the NFT and displays in the customer's account bringing them back to your account.

Customers who'd rather store their NFTs can send to their own wallet.

Why work with Niftmint?

In addition to our breakthrough NFT technology or team has deep rooted expertise in Retail, eCommerce, Payments, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. We've been building products, startups, and brands for over a decade.


 Our experience:

  • Innovation in Enterprise Retails

  • Built apps in top eCommerce platforms

  • Built storefronts for brands and merchants

  • POS Management 
  • Cryptocurrency loyalty platform

  • Smart Contracts: ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155

  • Grew blockchain and commerce communities

  • Cybersecurity and technology auditing

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