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Authenticating Products across

Use Niftmint APIs for product future-proofing by tokenizing physical and digital goods to boost loyalty, revenue, and authentication, while maintaining an easily consumable customer experience across all channels.

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How Niftmint Works


Authenticate existing physical products and create new digital products in your eCommerce store


Offer and sell authenticated products directly on your eCommerce store via customer's payment of choice


Niftmint cryptographically custodies and stores all authenticated products, abstracting all heavy tech

Authenticating Commerce with Tokenization

The Brand:

Create and sell new products and categories, attach to existing products, and reward customers with digital products.

The Tech:

Physical and Digital Products are coded for origin, making secure, programmable, and authenticating key information.

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Your Commerce

Innovation Partner

The Niftmint Team have been pioneers in disruptive commerce, empowering and leading Fortune 500 Brands, innovating at the intersection of Web3, AI, and Commerce.

Partner with Niftmint for innovation strategy and execution with Web3 and AI across your commerce channels.

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Build Brand Loyalty and Keep Brand Equity  Niftmint (1080 × 700 px) (4).png

Own your customer

Keep your customers on your eCommerce with no need to send to third party sites

Rewards and Incentives

Reward customers with digital products of your most popular products

Site and Product Retention

Engage with customers even when not shopping, rewarding them for visiting their digital products on your eComm site

Increase Sales and Create Reasons to Purchase


Create attachment sales to any product or bundle with products to extend value 

Reasons to Buy from your Company

Differentiate from your competition with authentic digital products

Warranties and Service Plans

Offer warranties and Service Plans via tokenized products, keeping key info readily available in the digital product  Niftmint (1080 × 700 px) (2).png

No Need to Learn New Technology

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Simple APIs via eComm App Stores

Simple Niftmint integration via eComm App Stores for easy use

Custody and Security

Niftmint handles all custody and security of authenticated products

No need for cryptocurrency or wallets

Niftmint handles all cryptocurrency and wallets on behalf of brands and their customers, abstracting heavy technology

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